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Your facility should always be a beacon of your community, not the cause of adverse risk. If you know your facility needs our team on your side, here are some of the environmental services we can provide to help you keep your facility and community safer.

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At Specialized Waste Systems, we pride ourselves on rapid, in-house emergency response. We are available 24/7 and always put safety and compliance with regulations as our first priority.

Our highly qualified team guarantees a swift response time for any situation you might be facing, plus expert environmental solutions to even the most challenging situations. From on-site spills, to roadside emergencies and emergency preventative planning, we’re ready to be your partner in safety.

Specialized Waste Systems is your one-stop shop for all industrial services, offering top-of-the-line turnkey environmental solutions to industrial sites. Our expertise in risk management helps take proactive measures toward meeting your site’s environmental goals.

Our services cover customized cleaning, remediation support, and consulting advice. We have the expertise to help you improve your site from the ground up.

When it comes to managing and disposing of waste, you can trust the expertise of Specialized Waste Systems. Our dedicated specialists have years of experience and can create a custom program for your waste disposal needs.

Our services guarantee full compliance, safety, and minimize the long-term liabilities of holding onto hazardous materials.

Specialized Waste Systems grants you access to our renown fleet and variety of innovative and reliable containers.

All of our drivers and operators use their training in job safety to ensure the transportation process is effective and completed with minimal effort.

If containers are needed until our transportation team arrives, we have a wide selection to choose from, ranging between 25 and 40 cubic yards in length.

Specialized Waste Systems is the ultimate partner for all your washout service needs, no matter how hazardous they may be.

Our esteemed team of technicians specializes in heel disposal, removal, and disposal of hard-to-handle materials, as well as full container and truck washouts.

We utilize equipment and cleaning materials that cut through waste and residue with ease. With us on the job, we ensure your washout follows all required industry regulations.

Specialized Waste Systems offers comprehensive natural disaster and emergency response services to guide your community away from the impacts of both natural and manmade disasters.

We are known for our rapid, in-person emergency response services any time of the day. Our committed specialists specialize in addressing various environmental emergencies impacting the Houston area.

Partner With Specialized Waste Systems

The bottom line is we know exactly what to do during your time of need. Our environmental and waste specialists team has provided exceptional services to our clients since our founding in 1978.

We’ve seen it all and can be your partner who works with you to find solutions that make your facility the ultimate environmental ally.

emergency response specialized waste systems

Customized Environmental Strategies

Specialized Waste Inc. provides safe, reliable environmental services to the facilities and communities we serve. We are ready to partner with you and give you the 24/7, 365 dedication we are known for.

Our specialized services are backed by our regional partner TAS Environmental Services, meaning you are always going to have the latest services and practices available on-call.

Contact us today to learn more about our environmental services or schedule your next industrial cleanup.

Industrial organizations throughout Houston and the Gulf Coast trust Specialized Waste Inc. to help keep their locations clean and environmentally sound.

Our environmental solutions can help ensure that your petrochemical plant, manufacturing facility, or semiconductor site follows EPA best practices through remediation, consultation, cleaning services, and more.

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