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Emergency Response

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Specialized Waste Systems is known for rapid, in-person emergency responses every day, all day. Our specialists focus on safety, expediency, and compliance, keeping the customer’s best interest the priority at all times. Because we hire only the most qualified team members, you can expect fast service and a highly competent group of experts ready to provide solutions to the most challenging situations.

We are fully committed to helping communities in Texas and neighboring states when an emergency calls. Spills and other urgent situations don’t happen on schedules, so trust us to be available and in action as soon as you need us.

  • Decontamination
  • Transportation & Disposal of Contaminated Materials
  • Pipeline Incidents
  • Bio-Hazardous Material (Biohazards) Emergencies
  • Non-Hazardous Emergencies
  • DOT & EPA Regulated Emergencies
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Universal Wastes
  • Natural Disasters

TAS Environmental Services (parent company of Specialized Waste Systems) is a permitted Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) and has been fully vetted by the United States Coast Guard via the permitting and audit process. 

  • Custom Emergency Response Plans
  • Emergency Training and Drills
  • Resources and Supplies
  • Response Team Access
  • Complete Disaster Recovery
  • Decontamination Services
  • Waste Transportation and Disposal
  • Site Remediation Service
  • Roll-Offs, Containers, and Frac Tanks
  • Boats and High-Water Vehicles
  • Generators, PPE Equipment
  • Shelters, Offices, and Housing

We Clean Up Roadside Chemical Spills

Roadside chemical spills are frequent issues that happen at least once every two days in the United States. Hazardous chemical spills can quickly spread throughout the surrounding area, contaminating water, soil, and eventually impacting local communities and wildlife.

Suppose your community in Houston or the Gulf Coast has experienced a recent roadside chemical spill. In that case, our experienced team will respond quickly with cleanup and decontamination efforts and the immediate transportation and disposal of contaminated materials.

Roadside Chemical Spill Cleanup

On-Site Response

Chemical spills aren’t just something that happens on the road! According to the EPA, as of 2020, Texas is a top state for accidents at facilities handling hazardous chemcials. So, our services have never been needed more in the areas we help.

The facilities we partner with trust us to help out with emergencies such as:

  • Pipeline incidents
  • Bio-hazardous Materials Emergencies
  • DOT & EPA-Related Emergencies
  • Chemical and Petrochemical On-Site Spills
  • Universal Waste
  • Natural Disasters

No matter the need at your facility, Specialized Waste Systems can help you keep your employees and community safe, with our swift on-site response available 24/7/365.

Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO)

Our parent company, TAS Environmental Services, is a permitted OSRO. The United States Coast Guard’s permitting and auditing process has fully vetted TAS, making us readily available to assist the communities we serve with essential oil spill removal services.

Any size spill requires immediate attention and professional help for an effective clean-up. Trust us to rush in on your call and get your community spill-free as soon as possible.

Oil Spill Removal

Emergency Planning

At Specialized Waste Systems, we believe emergency planning is paramount when mitigating environmental risks involved with weather disasters and spills. These events can have severe and long-lasting consequences on human health, ecosystems, and the economy.

Our customized emergency plans consider the unique factors of a specific location and the potential environmental hazards that could arise.

Not only do we bring our clients custom response plans, but we also offer:

  • Emergency training and drills
  • Response team access
  • Resources and supplies

Emergency Response & Cleanup

Our team takes our responsibility for emergency response and cleanup seriously. We understand that when manmade or natural disasters happen, there’s a brief response window that we have to mitigate the negative impact of any situation.

We are fully prepared to respond to any of your cleanup needs with the following services:

  • Complete Disaster Recovery
  • Decontamination Services
  • Waste Transportation and Disposal
  • Site Remediation Service
  • Roll-Off, Container, and Frac Tank Rentals
  • Boats and High-Water Vehicles
  • Generators
  • PPE Equipment
  • Shelters, Offices, Housing

We are always here to help your community out at a time when it’s caught completely off guard.

Tackle Any Environmental Emergency With Specialized Waste Systems

Specialized Waste Systems offers reliable emergency services to the facilities and communities we serve in Texas and its neighboring states. Whether you are trying to rebuild after the damage or need a comprehensive plan for a potential worst-case scenario, we and our regional partner TAS Environmental Services can help.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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