Waste Services

SWS provides a turnkey approach to your waste disposal needs by coordinating with our established network of audited facilities to quickly serve you reliably and safely. Our professional support team will create a custom cost-effective program to remove waste materials at your convenience while ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Our goal is to minimize your long-term liability, complement your green goals, and minimize your costs.

  • Waste TypesHazardous and non-hazardous drum and bulk waste in liquid, solid, semi-solid, and sludge.
  • Proven ExpertiseOur field proven expertise gives you access to the best waste identification, transportation, and disposal solutions available.
  • Management of Hazardous & Non-hazardousSampling to make waste determination. Finding the correct disposal method for the waste. Profiling the waste into the TSDF. Arranging for pick up, and providing all paperwork needed to ship the waste.
  • Multiple Disposal Facility PartnersSpecialized Waste has arrangements with most local and nationwide disposal facilities, that meet our criteria of being a safe and environmentally compliant.
  • Competitive PricingSpecialized Waste can provide completive pricing, along with multiple options for most waste streams.
  • Waste Stream CharacterizationSampling, or by process knowledge.
  • Waste Stream ProfilingOnce waste is determined SWS will provide the waste profile needed to obtain approval from disposal facility for disposal.
  • LogisticsSWS will provide the logistics needed for the transportation of hazardous and nonhazardous waste.
  • Bulk WasteSWS has container and disposal options for waste in bulk streams
  • Drummed WasteSWS has the equipment to transport and dispose of waste in drum streams as well. This includes pallet jacks, box vans and waste labels
  • Project ManagementSWS can provide onsite supervision from our competent field supervisors to oversee projects, and their completion in a safe manner
  • Waste MinimizationSWS works to minimize waste, whether it be by recycling material, or separating out streams to be reused on site by customer
  • Universal WasteSWS can manage and dispose of paint waste, light bulbs, batteries, and mercury devices
  • Unknown WasteSWS can provide sampling, and waste determination for most unknown waste material
  • Lab PacksSWS can inventory material needing to be disposed of, create a paper pack, pack material and haul to the TSDF